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NIW Life Strategies provides wealthy families an alternative option to paying out of pocket for life insurance. Typically, individuals with a net worth above $10m prefer to use financing because it preserves liquidity, saves money, minimizes gift tax, and minimizes opportunity costs. However, unlike most financed insurance strategies, NIW Life Strategies designs their strategies around harsh economic conditions, builds proactive loan exit into the design, and provides annual servicing. This is all in an effort to minimize risks and maximize the benefit to the family.

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Kai-ZenĀ® is a financed strategy designed for the non-qualified executive benefit market. Kai-Zen gives an employee the opportunity to use third party money to contribute more to their life insurance policy without the obligation of a loan. The policy's cash value is the full security for the loan, which is arranged by NIW. It is the only benefit plan where a substantial amount of additional money is brought to the table, allowing employers to offer benefits that are significantly better than before with the same budget. It solves the liquidity drain associated with self-funding bonuses, key man/buy sell, and various other plans. Kai-Zen benefits are typically 60% greater in value than a self-funded plan.